Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Self Realization and God Realization

The Power of Silence

Before doing any action, if we are able to feel the silence and carryout the action whether it is physical or Mental, there is always Success. Because when we are in silence, we are connected to God and Everyone....

How to feel the Silence - just be in the present moments

Apply a full stop to the past thoughts by being aware of the present moments, experience-feel the silence between the sounds, although we feel the silence is outside - in reality the silence is within....

The Truth

I never born, I never die. I exist forever,
I am the dust free - clean mirror, which reflects what is in front,
I am resplendent, I own nothing,
I am peace, love, Bliss.I am peace, love, Bliss.

I am powerful, alone, ever free being.
I am love but detached to beings and things - like a lotus flower.
I am almighty like the Almighty.

I clean the dust of thoughts from my self - the mirror, by silence
I connect to souls and Supreme Soul by silence
I am empowered, healed by silence
Silence, I am.

The Practice of second

Mind cannot concentrate on two things at a time.
It can be, either my self or action.
The spiritual effort is to come back to self, every moment, when I am free from action.

Soul consciousness and God consciousness

Being peace, I become Ocean of peace.
Being love, I become Ocean of love.
Being bliss, I become Ocean of bliss.

Meditation is to make the conscious mind easy, clear, light and loveful, with the connection of Supreme soul, by accessing the peaceful and magical sub conscious mind.

I am painful at heart (immediate or later) when i look at the physical expressions.
I am free from pain (the very moment) when i look at the shining light within me and others.

When I am attached to beings or things, gods-angels control me.
When I break free from attachments, I become god-angel.

Creation, Sustenance and Destruction:
I Create and Sustain the world (of time) within me, by thought.
I destroy the physical world within, being my self.

Son shows Father:
By the awareness of Supreme light in His abode, only Supreme Consciousness remains.
Cannot differentiate if it is me or Him.

Self Control:
I do not become lust,anger,pain,sufferings by looking at them,
If I see self in others and feel the qualities of self within me.

Creator and Creations:
When God is a Creator, I am a Creator as well, when I remain One with Him in Silence.
Let me create all happiness, removing all sorrows, now.

Self realization is, to remain combined with the Supreme, not succumbing to His dream of creations, but to reveal Him at all times.

Self realized is, to surrender all worries, pains to Supreme Father,with complete faith in Him.Self realized have intuitions (asochtha) than mere thinking.

Hey souls, why do you get attached to particular few human beings,don't you remember the One who loved you,before you took birth and who loves you forever, even after death? why do you worry when He takes care of you all the time?

Stable Mind: 
If I maintain a relaxed and peaceful state of mind with love, all the time, from the moment I wake up, then, I am stable in any situation.

Self Realization:Relax and Still the body,
Listen to sounds around us,
What is there between sounds?
It is the Silence within me, the awareness of peaceful being, I am.

Secret of Success:
When you are aware of your self (soul), as a point of light, you are light.
When your internal chat (constant thinking) stops, being an observer, you express power.
When you have a balance of being light and powerful, then you create wonders, your actions are accurate and purposeful.

You become what you think:
When you are aware of the Supreme Soul, who is in a perfect state of mind, blissful at all times,
You emerge the same nature of being light - bodiless and peaceful - powerful within,
Becoming equal like Him, even whilst performing actions.

Spiritual Power:
It is not an attainment of supernatural power or difficult, long spiritual practice.
But being natural in the here and now.

The Truth:
When I know and feel the true nature of myself, of being light and peaceful,
It is possible to remain content and peaceful at every moment.
It is possible to do all action with the constant awareness of lightness and peace.
Even if there is a lot to think, I can think with peace and lightness.
Even if the shaking incidence happens, still I can deal with the situation with the peace and light.
It is not that the peace and light belong only to great saints or holy men, but it is always present within you and me.
Whilst reading and writing, I can do it with contentment and lightness.
Every moment I am satisfied and content even though I carry out complicated actions.
Whether I perform action or not, I can remain stable with peace and light.
The work pressure is too much, even then I can plan being light and peace, being stable.
Even there are situation to shout at, I can handle the situation with calmness.
All this is possible when I know that, whatever I do, whether earn money, do study or work hard, ultimately it is for this peace and lightness.
When I do every action, even to love, is for peace and lightness. Why should I lose them at this moment to catch hold of it later.
I will not lose my love for peace and lightness at this moment and every moment for want of wealth or health or love for others or any action.
Even if I lose anything most valuable, I will not lose my peace and lightness because I desire  the most valuable, only for the sake of peace and lightness, which I can experience even now.
Even if I am concentrated on any activity, I do it with peace and lightness.
Even If I lose my hard earned money, I can be peaceful and light at this moment and every moment.
Even when I want to oppose, I oppose with peace and light.
When I want to raise my voice, I do it with peace and light.
When there is force on me with expectations, I respond with my peace and light.
Yes, It is possible for every human being to be peaceful and light at every moment,
Because I am peace and light.
I am that.

Soul and God:
Soul and God are different from five elements
Soul becomes influenced by five elements including body
God never becomes influenced by five elements
Expression of virtues is soul conscious
Expression of divine virtues being detached and unlimited, is soul combined with God
To be sweet and light is soul conscious
To be sweet, light and powerful is combined soul and God conscious
To love is soul conscious
To love being lawful is combined soul and God conscious
To express sweetness and love towards soft characters is soul conscious
To express sweetness and love towards hard characters is combined soul and God conscious
To be aware and connect the souls around us is soul conscious
To be aware and connect the souls around the globe is combined soul and God conscious
Vibrations of soul affect the limited souls and five elements
Vibrations of Soul with awareness of God, serve the unlimited souls and five elements naturally.
To be limited is soul conscious
To be unlimited is soul and God conscious
Battery of soul loses its power when actions are done in soul conscious
Batter of soul becomes powerful, when actions are done in combined soul and God conscious
The combined soul and God conscious is nothing but the merged qualities that are natural to the soul.

Soul gets disgusted with love, things, money, food, sex, people but not with the "gratitude".
Gratitude, the response of unconditional selfless love is an everlasting impression, makes the soul an eternal being.

Divide your sleep in to 3 parts.Ist part is where the thoughts are processed,the 2nd part is where the emotions are vented out and during the 3rd part of early morning sleep is the prediction of what you have to work on to make yourself strong. All images what you see in dream are the expressions of your own emotions but the su...bconscious mind plays it well that the conscious mind do not feel bad about it.

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